In order that your online enterprise stays afloat and offers you good returns, you need to hire services of a good, service oriented, technologically sound web host. The greater the efficiency of the host, you can consider half your battle won, in terms of your business doing well.

On the other hand, making the wrong choice for a web host can and does spell doom (aside from the general downsides shared hosting has).


Sure enough, mistakes are made by everyone. Sometimes, it is the fault of the website owner, and sometimes it is the mistake of the host. There is a very thin line dividing the two, thereby giving lots of scope for mudslinging and passing the buck. And where does this buck stop?

Well, it could very well stop at the beginning itself, if you are aware of the common mistakes committed by a web host.

Having no purpose:

Be informed that your web host cannot provide your website with a purpose. So, if your website does not offer any purpose to the potential customer or gives no reason for this customer to go ahead and buy or place an order with you, the host will not be able to alleviate this issue. So make sure that your website offers your clients some definite need to go over your content.

Design Flaws :

Apart from a definite purpose, if your web site is plain unattractive, this is reason enough to drive away visitors. Also, having too much of screen pop ups; heavy audio / video files, surely does not add drama to your content. On the contrary, it slows down the response time. In such cases, it will definitely help, if the host could step in with some valuable advice. In the event that the host does not rise up to this role, then there is a genuine error on their part.

Shared Using of one Server:

Sharing a server is most definitely cost effective. But in the case of a website that generates heavy traffic, it may be wise to have one dedicated server. So, in case the host does not think it is prudent to provide you with a dedicated server, then it’s a big cause of concern. Consider this an alarm bell for you to look at other hosts.

Endless Downtime (Servers are down most often):

Some web hosts have such a lot of downtime and this is pretty much because of free packages that they offer. Freebies are always welcomed by one and all. End result being, your business suffers heavily. So, as a thumb rule, seek out host companies that offer over 99% of up time. Even if they feel a little heavier on the pocket.

Low on Security:

Web hosts who do not offer the required level of security to ensure maximum safety for your website and enterprise are not worth working with. Goes without saying, that security is imperative and any kind of lag can result in the sounding of the death knell of your business. Surely not a point to be taken lightly or dismissed just because of the cost factor. Seems totally worth your while to avoid these mistakes in view of the larger picture of your online venture churning out huge profits.

What are the common mistakes committed by a web host?