There are always two sides to any coin or situation – and if there were 10 reasons to advocate Cloud hosting, surely there would be at least a few reasons to caution you to look before you leap?  Nothing is ever perfect or totally foolproof; the Cloud is no exemption. However, these reasons need not deter or defer your decisions – only, there is a need to be aware of likely pitfalls and be ready to circumvent them.

Downtime: There’s no such thing as 24/7, we all have faced issues at some point in time or the other accessing websites where pages refuse to load or you’ve had to you’re your bank because some online payment went through but you couldn’t see the page that confirmed it because of a server issue. Customer care will respond with – our servers are down. Check your own internet connectivity. Chances are your being offline is the reason. If it’s not, then think of it as a no internet day at the cloud hosting company!

Security:  Even with the best security standards, storing important data externally poses a risk. Using the cloud means that your web host has free and unhindered access to information that you tout as private and confidential to outsiders. One can account in exact terms to technological fails, but not for human behavior. It is a risk, but that cannot be avoided if you are looking for unconventional hosting options.

Vendor Lock-In: Cloud hosting offers flexibility as a lure to most customers, but many vendors are unable to commit to compatibility of platforms. When you migrate your website from your old host to the cloud host is when these issues show up. For instance, something developed on .net might not work on a Linux platform and vice versa. This restricts movement and creates an impasse when trying to migrate from one host to another.

Limited Control: As a customer, while you are free of responsibilities of  IT administration, you also relinquish control. A cloud infrastructure is managed by a third party. The only control given to a user is over applications, data and customer services. A lack of autonomy will prove difficult as time goes by.

24/7 supports is a myth: Process and system driven support takes over personal support often leaving you feeling frustrated and shortchanged as you wait for issue resolution and support. Online FAQs and communities are not as effective as personal support.

Connecting and Integrating devices: You may face difficulties while connecting wireless devices, especially when it comes to personal devices such as printers to the cloud network.

These are the vagaries of a still evolving, maturing ecosystem and will keep improving.

What are the disadvantages of Cloud hosting?