What is web hosting? It is important to know this before we talk about the location of web hosting. web hosting is a type of internet hosting service, which makes web sites/ blog pages available in the world wide web. All the website pages/ blog pages are generally stored on a remote computer server (in our case in Australia). This server is known as the host. So typically, any blog page we write or a website created for business, it is stored on to a host computer.


We generally find two types of web hosting, free and paid web hosting. Both have their pros and cons, but one of the most important considerations while hosting, be it free or paid hosting is to check the location of the web hosting. People think that with the advent of cloud computing and mobile devices which use cloud-hosted apps, the physical location of computer servers is not a very important consideration. However the location of a server does relate to the service and speed of such cloud hosted apps. Here are a few pointers as to why location of a web hosting is important:

  • Short page/Blog Loading Duration: One of the major factors is that any web page or blog page takes time to load, (it loads in seconds or micro seconds) and if the server is located near to our location as well as the intended customers location, it loads faster, which in turn keeps the attention of our target group. How many times have we closed a website which has taken too long to load? Research shows that people wait for a period of 3 to 5 seconds for a page to load before moving away to a different page. Thus sites which are closer to the server have a shorter loading duration as compared to those which are a little further away.
  • Higher Search Engine Ranking: Secondly, major search engines like Google, Yahoo determine which country a site belongs to by which location it is hosted in. Thus any search engine will give higher ranking to a local search which is located in the same area as your web hosting. This in turn will be a boost to your web page or blog pages especially if the intended target is local visitors. This will generate more leads, which in turn lead to a higher conversion rate for your webpage/Blog.
  • Cheaper: Most of the webs hosting services are located in the United States, UK or Europe. When you are in a different location than these three, the currency exchange rate comes into play, thereby making these hosting services a bit more costly. Thus hosting it locally will ensure that it is relatively cheaper to host your web site/ Blog.
  • Safety: Servers are also affected by natural disasters like flood, hurricane and the like. Thus it is safer to ensure that the host is not located in a place which is prone to natural disasters ( like USA)

The location of the web hosting is important while choosing the host server, as a more local server reduces the website bounce rate. Also to rank higher on a search engine and generate greater traffic, reduce page loading speed in terms of cost efficiency, it is better to choose a server closer than farther from your location.

Why Is Location Important In Web Hosting?