Search Engine Ranking:

Search engine is a program or script that searches for files or documents matching to the keyword entered by the user from the World Wide Web. Since a simple search can result produce millions or sometimes billions of results, search engines use algorithms to index the results on basis of their importance. This process of classifying web pages is called Search engine ranking.

There are basically three types of web hosting:

  • Shared
  • Virtual Private server (VPS)
  • Dedicated

Does Shared Hosting Affect Search Engine Ranking?

  • In shared hosting a website is hosted on a server with multiple other websites sharing the same IP address. This hosting is most preferred by small and mid-level websites. It is the most cost efficient hosting among the three types.
  • Search engine ranking is affected by more than 200 factors. Domain name, domain authenticity, outbound and inbound links, use of multimedia, original content, quality of content devoid of spam, speed of loading html pages, user friendly interface etc.
  • Though any type of web hosting does not directly affect search engine ranking i.e. an expensive hosting option won’t improve your ranking at the same time hosting on a simple plan would not immediately worsen your ranking either.
  • That said, performance of the website can get affected by chosen hosting option which may have indirectly affect search engine rankings.

Since shared hosting hosts almost hundreds of websites on a single server there could be some disadvantages listed as below:

Amongst many of the websites been hosted some of them can be spam, or endorsing illegalproducts or porn. Such websites tend to be blacklisted. Since on a shared hosting all the websites share the same IP address, rest of the websites could also be blacklisted.

The resources on a shared web server are shared by all the websites. In case of a resource hungry website other websites speed of processing gets affected.

There is no concept of security or privacy on a shared server; this could result in posting of spam or malicious data by neighbouring websites.

These are potential problems that may or may not affect search engine rankings. In cases of businesses it is recommended to have a dedicated IP address to avoid the above listed problems. Although for blogs and small websites most of these problems can be avoided by hiring a reputable hosting company.

Is Your Search Engine Ranking Affected by Shared Web Hosting?