Gone are the days of complex jargon and overwhelming technical vocabulary. What foxes us today, is simple English tech-terms. Does gaming mean you are playing a game on a field or gambling, perhaps? Is Apple not just a fruit? And aren’t Clouds just pretty fluffy stuff in the sky? It appears not.

Especially when a formally dressed professional tells you that “all our important official stuff is in a Cloud these days.” What does he mean? To decode the buzzword of our times, let’s head to Cloud 9. The Cloud is a vast virtual overhead tank of sorts that has virtual plumbing via the Internet into every office, home, person, system or device that can access it.


Simply put, it is a safe vault and repository where you can deposit and retrieve stuff – in and out, at will, on demand. Which brings us to, subscription and pay per use. You do not need to invest in all those monstrous or miniature IT servers anymore – you can use and pay for space- yes, in the cloud.

Have you stored furniture at a packers-mover’s warehouse? Did you need to pay for use of space or did you buy or rent space? You paid to put in – store & retrieve. Right?  Cloud hosting can reduce the IT clutter both at home and office. It is a service & a solution to your computing needs.

You simply store your documents, music, and digital assets in the cloud. Now, there are public and private clouds – like banks, where you have one space of many – like lockers and secure access. You are looking for private cloud storage? Pay and get that too. Or simply use free and easy, Google-like clouds and storage.

When you search for an answer on a search engine, which computer in whose office answers you? Where do these answers sit? Who manages all these bits and bytes of information? Do you know – or even care, when all you need is an answer. That’s the cloud in daily life.

Have you saved a document on your desktop and sat in another country regretting not having mailed it or carried it along in your laptop? IF you have saved it on the Cloud storage every respectable device today recommends and boasts of, all you have to do, is pull it off when you need it.  Better yet, have your junior improve the version you left and save it on the cloud you both have access to and voila! It’s yours to download anytime, anywhere!

Simply stated- Cloud hosting is a collaborative, efficient, cost effective way to be digitally current, upwardly mobile and ready for 21st Century life and business.

What is cloud hosting?